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1.  Organiser

The Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) is organised by the Hungarian Dance University from 18-22 November 2024, including side-events.

Payment instructions:

Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem

Address: 87-89, Columbus street, 1145 – Budapest, Hungary VAT: HU19309242


IBAN: HU64103000021326750800024901

2.  Categories

The competition is open to students of dance conservatories and professional ballet schools from all over Europe from 14 years of age up to 22,99 years.

  • SOLO JUNIOR: 14-16,99 years old (2007 23-2010. Nov. 18.)
  • SOLO SENIOR: 17-20,99 years old (2003 23-2007. Nov. 18.)
  • Pas de Deux: 17-22,99 years old (2001 23-2005. Nov. 18.)

Required repertoire per categories:

  • SOLO JUNIOR: two classical Solo Variations (in total)
  • SOLO SENIOR: two classical Solo Variations plus one Contemporary solo (in total)
  • Pas de deux: one classical Pas de Deux, plus one Contemporary duet (in total)

In order to compete, dancers must select their classical variations from the classical repertoire list (see below),furthermore participants of Senior and Pas de Deux Categories may choose their contemporary Solo and contemporary Pas de Deux of their choice. The time limit for such solo is 2:30 minutes per piece and for classical Pas de Deux is 8minutes / piece, contemporary Pas de Deux is 4 minutes / piece.

Live round variations may differ from the pre-selection round’s video variation.

In every categories during semi-finals all of the required variations must be shown as by the detailed program of the competition organization comittee.

In the Final Round qualified contestants will show their classical or contemporary variation chosen by the jury.

3.  Application and pre-selection

Participants shall apply to the competition on website.

Participants shall attach a CV, photo and a link to the video recording to their registration for the pre- selection. Videopre-selection application fee is 40 euros. The amount shall not be refunded under any circumstances. The videorecording is not older than 12 months must show the competitor performing one variations if competing as a soloist or one pas de deux (adagio, variations and coda) from one of the classical ballet repertoire options given in point 5. ifparticipating as a couple. Further specifications for the video recording are given on the application platform.

The registration fee for the video pre-selection round is 40 euros. The registration fee to the live competition is 99.-EUR. (In total 139.- EUR)

International Summer Intensive Ballet (ISIB) Course 2024 in Budapest, organized by Hungarian Dance University, is a pre-selection for BBGP2024.

A Selection Committee appointed by the Organiser shall adjudicate the pre-selection on the basis of the video recordings and registration documents submitted.

Organizer reserves the right to close the application when the number of the applicants reached the maximumcapacity of the competition. Any additional applications will be registered to the waiting list.

4.  Specifications of submitting of music recordings for competition performances

Participants shall submit the music recordings of competition performances no later than 10 October 2024 to as follows:

  • Wma and cda files are not accepted
  • Every musical piece should be provided in a good quality
  • Piano recordings for classical repertoire variations are not allowed
  • No CD or pendrive are allowed

Please add your start-stop requirements, too.

Music rights and quality is a matter of responsibility of the participant.

After submitting the music, the participant will be notified by the sound engineer of any irregularities in the music (pauses, sudden volume changes, etc.) if necessary.

5.  Competition repertoire

The competition repertoire shall consist of the classical ballet repertoire listed below and of contemporary dance works. In contemporary dance, the choreography shall contain elements that clearly differ from classical ballet technique. Participants may not perform the same selection from a classical ballet work or contemporary dance work again in a later round.

The competition repertoire shall consist of the classical ballet repertoire listed below and of contemporarydance works. In contemporary dance, the choreography shall contain elements that clearly differ from classical ballet technique. Participants may not perform the same selection from a classical ballet work or contemporary dance work again in a later round. Classical ballet repertoire:

  • Coppelia (A. Leon) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • Diana & Acteon (A. Vaganova) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • Don Quixote (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • Fairy Doll (S. Legat)
  • Flower Festival at Genzano (A. Bournonville) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • Giselle (J. Perrot, J. Coralli) Variation of Giselle, Act I Peasant Pas de Deux and Variations, Pas de Deux and Variations from Act II
  • Graduation Ball (D. Lichine) Pas De Deux Variations
  • Grand Pas Classique (V. Gsovsky): all variations
  • Harlequinade (M. Petipa) Pas De Deux and all Variations
  • La Bayadere (M. Petipa) Three Shade Variations, Act III; Gamzatti Variation, Pas de Deux and Variations, Bronze Idol,
  • La Esmeralda (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • La Fille Mal Gardee (B. Nijinska, Romanoff) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • La Sylphide (A. Bournonville) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • La Ventana (A. Bournonville) All Variations
  • Laurencia (V. Chabukiani)
  • Le Corsaire (M. Petipa) Pas d’Esclave and Variations, Odalisque Variations, Jardin Anime, Act

III Pas de Deux and Variations, Medora Variation

  • Les Sylphides/Chopiniana (M. Fokine) Male and Female Mazurkas, Waltz # 7 and Waltz # 11, Prelude
  • Napoli (A. Bournonville) Pas de Six and all Variations
  • Paquita (M. Petipa) All Variations
  • Raymonda (M. Petipa) All Variations
  • Satanella (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • Swan Lake (M. Petipa, Ivanov) Pas de Trois and Variations , Black Swan Grand Pas III.act Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Awakening of Flora (M. Petipa) Variations
  • The Cavalry Halt (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • The Flames of Paris (V. Vainonen) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • The Nutcracker Suite (V. Vainonen) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • The Pharoa’s Daughter (choreographer Petipa)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (M. Petipa) Variations of Fairies, Aurora Variations from Act I and Act II, Blue Bird Pas de Deux and Variations, Wedding Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Talisman (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations
  • William Tell Variation (A. Bournonville)

The repertoire of classical and contemporary dance is the choice of each participant (or their tutor), in classical fromthe list above. We highly recommend choosing an age-appropriate type of variation. Contestants are responsible for the selection of variations and their copyrights.

During the competition, tutors cannot give instructions to their students from the edge of the stage. Classical Pas de deux must include adagio, variations and coda.

Stage Appearance

The competition takes place at National Dance Theatre Budapest 16-20, Kis Rókus utca 1024 –

Budapest, Hungary. Stage size is 16 x 12 meters.

Contestants will have the opportunity to space test before their category starts. Open stage will be provided before each round.

The order of appearance is determined by the Competition Organisation Comittee after registration.

At the registration every participant will receive a Free Pass card for entrance to the theatre for the competition. A Free Pass card will also be given to one teacher or companion per competitor/school. Further Pass may be bought online at

Teachers are not permitted to rehearse or work with their students during the competition. Teachers who do not comply with this rule will not be allowed backstage.

All contestants will use the same light setup.

In the semi-finals Contestants may perform in rehearsal dress or in costume. Competitors advancing to Final will perform one of their BBGP classical or contemporary variation choosen by the Jury. They perform in costumes and will use the same light setup for classical variations. For contemporary variations the lights can be adjusted by arrangement.

Participants and their partners shall themselves be responsible for their costumes and makeup for their performances.

Functional props used during the dance are allowed, such as a bow, hat, jacket… Props that may put the performance of other contestants in disadvantage are not allowed – furniture, water, spilled powder, sequins on stage..

Each competitor can perform only 1 time in each dance subcategory.

The competition takes place in two rounds (first round of semi finals takes two days) and one decisive final evening with a self-selected variation from the first two rounds. All rounds will take place on the stage of the National DanceTheatre Budapest. The Gala performance takes place in the Palace of Arts in Budapest, 22 November 2024. The Gala variation order is selected and published the previous evening by the Organisation Comittee.

6.  International Jury

The international jury shall adjudicate each competitor individually. No adjudicator may award points to any participantswho is their family member or with whom they otherwise have a close relationship or whom they have long-termmentored for this competition or who is a student or an employee at a dance institution managed by the jury member.

Competitors will be judged based on the following criterias:

  • Artistic expression
  • Technical performance
  • Musicality

The expert jury evaluates separately in each age category. Male and female participants in all age divisions will compete together.

The Jury reserves the right to withhold any award or to divide an award between competitors. The jury vote is simultaneous and non-negotiable.

Decisions of the Jury are final and without appeal.

7.  Consent and rights

Participants and their partners shall declare on the registration form that they consent to disclosing their relevant personal details to the Organiser (GDPR).

You can download the Privacy Notice on Date Processing in Connection with the BBGP on the following link:

Adatvédelmi tájékoztató (HUN)

Privacy Policy (ENG)

Competitors declare by their registration that they have the right to perform the competition choreographies.

BBGP reserves the right to make photo or video recordings at any time during any events, at any venues. This includes, but is not limited to, the recordings of classes, participants’ rehearsals and performances during the competition, or any activities at the various venues including the lobby and backstage areas. By participating in BBGP, participants and their parents and/or legal guardians give their express permission for BBGP to make photo and video recordings at any time. Participants and their parents or legal guardians give BBGP their express permission to use any such photo and video recordings, including those containing their name for promotional purposes on television, print, online, or social media.

8.  Other rules concerning the participants

Participants and their partners shall themselves be responsible for their insurance coverage during the competition.

Participants and their partners or accompagners are responsible themselves for all travel arrangements and costs related to their stay in Budapest and appearance at BBGP.

The participant agrees with the submission of the application forms the rules of the BBGP.

Travel, Accomodation, Meals

Is the responsibility of the Participants of BBGP24.


The participants will receive money prizes, diplomas and special awards such as short-term scholarships and master course participations.

Solo Junior

  • 1st Prize: EUR 3000
  • 2nd Prize: EUR 2000
  • 3rd Prize: EUR 1000

Solo Senior

  • 1st Prize: EUR 3000
  • 2nd Prize: EUR 2000
  • 3rd Prize: EUR 1000

Pas de Deux

  • 1st Prize: EUR 4000
  • 2nd Prize: EUR 3000
  • 3rd Prize: EUR 2000

Depending on the tax liability and age of the recipient, the prize money is paid in a form reduced by the public charges specified in the applicable legislation.

Other Awards
  • BBGP24 Grand Prix winner
  • Hungarian Academy of Arts – The Best Hungarian Performer
  • Hungarian Academy of Arts – The Best Contemporary Performer
  • Professional awards like short-term scholarships and course participations – offered by jury members and partners of the Organiser.

The jury of BBGP reserves the right not to present all of the announced awards.

The winners will be announced at the Competition Closing Ceremony right after the competition of 21 November in the aula of National Dance Theatre Budapest. Then on stage the 22 November by the Awarding ceremony of the Gala Programme in Palace of Arts Budapest. The order of participants in each category will be provided by the Organiser and available on the competition website too.

Ballet studios, dressing rooms and chill zone

 To the extent of the capacity, contestant may rent ballet studio in HDU campus for a certain fee on hour basis.

To the extent of the capacity, HDU offers ballet studio for partner schools delegating 3 or more contestants perinstitution. Ballet studio is equipped with bar and ballet floor and mirrors on each site. Partner school shall provide ballet master, accompanist and/or coach.

Dressing rooms are available at both venues based on the planned maximum number of participants. Personal belongings and valuables are a subject of total responsibility of the contestant.

No locker keys are provided. Personal belongings are a subject of responsibility of the contestants. During thecompetition days, 18-21 November 2024 in National Dance Theatre Budapest a warm- up/chill zone supports the competitors, including live stream screen.

Health insurance

Participants take out their own health insurance.

Competitors are responsible for securing their own medical and accidental insurance for the duration of the competition.

HDU physiotherapist and masseur is at your disposal all along BBGP24. Pre-register and care for yourself. Price list is available online: In case of injury or physical pain HDU physiotherapist and masseur is at your disposal free of charge.

Injury, illness

The management of the HDU is not liable for any phisical pain, injury, accident or damage occurring during the participant’s journey to or from the competition or during the competition.

Competitors will enter the competition at their own risk and will not make any claims against the BBGP or HDU in theevent of injury. An adult (legal representative or teacher) is responsible for the behavior or damage caused by children under 18 years of age.

Please ensure that you are insured! Hungarian participants should bring their health insurance card with them! To bring your European insurance card with you is highly recommended.

In case of any injury during the class it is the injured responsability to inform the accompanying immediately.

We work with a physiotherapist who will be able to assist you free of charge in case of urgence. Please note that any costs occurs about physiotherapy is at contestants’ charge.

Should there be any doubts about the candidate’s overall health and physical condition after the medical examination and the video selection, the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix Board representatives will have the authority to decide whether that candidate may take part in the competition or not.

Media rules

The organizer of the competition makes a video recording of the competition, which is intended for presentation of thecompetition on the website of the competition and on the Facebook profile of the competition.

Participants are not allowed to make photos or videos about the competition and agree to be filmed, photographed and published free of charge by the Organiser’s media staff. Competitors should bring with them a backup copy of theirmusic, either on a flash drive in mp3 or wav format or on a Audio CD.

The entire competition will be livestreamed throughout the week.

No visual or audio-visual recording of the candidates’ variations and participation to the competition may be made without the Organiser’s written authorization.

BBGP24 Competition including all round and the Gala performances will be open to the public by purchasing tickets at the venues online ticketing sites.

Budapest, April 2024 Rules & Regulations2024
Organisation Committee – Budapest Ballet Grand Prix 2024