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National Dance Theatre Budapest

National Dance Theater is located in the unique cultural arena, called Millenary Park. The building features the main auditorium with 368 seats, a small auditorium with 120 seats, and rehearsal rooms to help prepare professional dancers.  The competition will take place in the main auditorium’s multifunctional theatre space, specially designed for dance performances. The 16×24 state-of-the-art flat playground is equipped with modern theatre technology and can be adapted to the wide repertoire of the dance scene to meet current and future needs.

The Palace of Arts Budapest

The venue known to Hungarians simply as Müpa opened its doors in 2005 to offer cultural events of the highest quality to the diverse audiences for the above genres. Müpa Budapest is one of Hungary's best known cultural brands and one of its most modern cultural institutions. The three institutions housed in the building include the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall at its core, the Ludwig Museum nearest the Danube and the Festival Theatre on the far side.

The Festival Theatre’s 750m² stage is equipped with state-of-the-art technology; it features wings, a backstage, a moving stage and a trap room. Setting up the scenery is assisted by a carefully installed catwalk, and stage technology is enhanced with effect lighting. Number of capacity: 459 seats.

Hungarian Dance University

For many decades, the headquarters of the institution and the Nádasi Ferenc High School, were located in the former Drechsler Palace at 25 Andrássy Street, District VI. After a longer or shorter period of dispersal, new ballet halls were built in 1976 in Kazinczy Street in District VII. In 1987, three more ballet halls were added to the existing five.

The construction of the current campus of the Hungarian Dance University began in 2001. At that time, the Gymnasium and the administrative units of the institution took possession of the educational-administrative building at 87-89 Columbus Street, District XIV. The following year saw the opening of 12 brand new ballet halls for the Dance Artsist Training Institute. In the autumn of 2004, the Dormitory (which until 1990 had been located on the Gellért quay, later on Pillangó Street XIV) also moved to the campus (100, American Street XIV), and from then on the institution could also use the villa on the campus, originally built as a holiday home. The latter housed the library and the health department and was completed in 2011. The renovation and extension of the Theatre was completed in the same year. As a final step, in 2018, the Kazinczy Street teaching units moved to the new Choreography and Dance Teacher Training Institute (96, American Road XIV), which was rebuilt on the campus.