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For the online selection video submitted at the registration, do I have to send a variation/pas de deux from the repertoire list, or can I dance any variations?

Please choose variations from the repertoire list, however the recorded variation can be different from what you end up bringing to the competition.

Does the video recording need to be on stage/in costume?

No, you can record them in the studio in working outfit as well. Please make sure that your lines are clearly visible, so that the jury can see your work and decide based upon it.

Where can I check in which category I will be able to compete?

Please check the website under the rules segment for the age group categories. Please also note that the organizers can change the age requirements for each category at a later stage if needed.

When should I arrive and what date should I buy my flight ticket back from Budapest?

We recommend arriving to Budapest on the 20th November and organize the travel back for the 25th November.

Is there a possibility of taking class and/or do rehearsals on the 20th November?

Yes, there will be classes organized in the afternoon/evening and there will be studios available for rehearsals as well.

Will there be a special price for the competitors for accommodation?

Yes, competitors and their escort person will be able to book hotel accommodation at a discounted price. More info about the details later…

Can I bring my own music for my variation/pas deux?

Yes, you must bring your own music. Please make sure that the recording is of good quality and without background or clapping noises.

Will there be somebody to help me with the costumes during the competition rounds?

Yes, there will be a person who can help with costume “emergencies” during the live events, but there will be no possibility to alter or change the costumes that you bring.

Will my teacher/ballet master get a pass to come with me and have access to the stage area?

Yes, there will be a special pass for the person escorting you to the competition. This pass will grant access to all the backstage areas, so they can support you.

For stage performances of the competition to wear costume is a must?

No, however most of the competitors will do so, therefore we recommend you to bring yours and perform in costume.

How many variations do I need to prepare with?

Total of required repertoire per categories, adequate for the 2 rounds of the competition:

  • SOLO JUNIOR: Two classical Solo Variations
  • SOLO SENIOR: Two classical Solo Variations, plus one Modern/Contemporary Solo
  • Pas de Deux: Two Classical Pas de Deux, plus one Modern/Contemporary Duet.