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Last week, Hungarian Dance University’s (HDU) graduate student Gvendolin Nagy attended the annual Grand Audition in Paris, where he won a contract offer. The success is very important because HDU is also going to host a Grand Audition event at the end of April.

In addition, the upcoming Budapest Ballet Grand Prix (BBGP) will also be an important event for HDU. Artistic Director of BBGP Tamás Nagy, Chairman of the Artistic Council of HDU, former principal dancer of the Dutch National Ballet talked about the importance of the two events.

Gvendolin Nagy and Alfie Pearce (HDU)

“The Grand Audition Budapest, like the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix international ballet competition in November, is a great opportunity to integrate Hungarian ballet and dance culture into the world dance scene by showcasing it. It is an opportunity for Hungarian dancers to compete and present themselves to be assessed against international standards and to learn about the current trends and standards of the ballet world” – said Tamás Nagy, who is also  Associate Professor of Classical Ballet atHDU.

Artistic Director of BBGP Tamás Nagy, Chairman of the Artistic Council of HDU

“Another aspect is to strengthen the position of HDU as a professional training institution on the international stage. In this way, we can offer an alternative solution to foreign students who come to study at HDU in search of an educational opportunity and who, at the end of their training, can start their performing careers with a university degree and good opportunities in the labour market both in Hungary and abroad.”

Gvendolin Nagy (Photo by Pal Csillag/HDU)

We are looking forward to see all BBGP entrants and those who interested in HDU at the competition and in Budapest.